New To Tea

Woman laughing on a terrace drinking Canton tea in the sunshine


new to tea

A beginner’s collection


New to tea? How exciting. We’d love to help you get started. 

The eight teas below are what we call our ‘entry level’ teas – complex flavours but easy drinking and delicious. There’s at least one from each tea category: green, white, black, oolong and a couple of classic blends (once you’ve tried our English Breakfast, there’s no going back). 

Most people have probably heard of green tea, but might not know exactly what it is. It's all about the processing. Green tea is heated before the tea leaves and buds wither and oxidise (the process by which black tea is made) – and it’s full of health-giving antioxidants. Start with Jade Green Tips for fresh cut grass aroma with green bean notes and Jasmine Pearls for a sweeter, more floral green tea.

White tea is made from immature tea leaves – still in the bud stage. They are picked young and dried slowly in the sun. It typically undergoes the least processing of any tea, and is sweet, delicate and surprisingly full-bodied. Our Silver Needle is a special edition and only available in limited batches. 

And finally to oolong. The most diverse of all tea types, oolong tea can range from sweet and rich to dark and smoky. It's partly oxidised – between 10 - 70% – which means it sits somewhere between a green and a black tea. Try our Jade Oolong for a smooth mouthfeel and fruity flavour, and our Pouchong (a green/oolong) for something completely life-changing.

To keep learning, check out our Basics of Tea blog.