Green Tea: loose leaf

canton jasmine pearls

Yunnan and Guangxi Province, China

The top bud and two tender leaves of the tea bush are hand-picked in Yunnan Province and skilfully hand-rolled into perfect iridescent pearls. When jasmine is in bloom, the tea pearls are taken to Guangxi Province where they are blanketed with fresh jasmine flowers. For six nights, fresh blossoms are heaped on until the tea is saturated with the sweet jasmine aroma.

Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine blossom.


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The Leaves of Canton Jasmine Pearls Unfurling 




  • 4g

  • 250ml

  • 3 mins



step 1: leaves

For one cup, measure out 4 grams (around two tsp) into your teapot or brew mug.


step 2: water

Heat 250ml of water to 75°C.


step 3: time

Pour the hot water over the leaves and steep for 3 minutes. Strain and drink.




Wet Unfurled Canton Jasmine Pearl Leaves in the Shape of a CircleJasmine, of course. But sitting beneath the floral sweetness is the fresh, verdant zing of that beautiful Yunnanese green tea. Together, they evoke the flavour of honeydew melon. And, because the tea quality and jasmine-suffusion process is so exceptional, this tea can be infused more than once when brewed correctly. If you get the water temperature and brewing time just right, our little pearls of goodness will just keep on giving.




Map of China with the Yunnan Province Highlighted

Deep in China’s Yunnan province, farmer Li and his team handpick the silvery bud and two tender leaves from the tea bush. The bud and leaves are then individually rolled by hand into tight spheres, a painstaking process which can only take place if the tea leaves are young, bouncy and pliable.

Later in the spring, the jasmine blooms. The pearls are now transported to the Guanxi province, ‘The Home of Jasmine’, for some serious scenting. Every night, for six nights, the tea pearls are blanketed in a thick layer of fresh jasmine blossoms which release a heady, sweet scent. The tea pearls, greedy for intoxication, absorb the perfume and subtle flavour. The lighter blossoms are removed in the morning and the tea is covered with another layer of fresh jasmine flowers so that by the end of the six days, the pearls are steeped in the irresistible aromas of the jasmine flower.Young Woman Rolling Canton Jasmine Pearls Tea Leaves into Buds



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