about tea

are your teas ethically sourced?

Yes. Canton was founded back in 2007 with a few teas that we bought direct from small traditional gardens. We still follow the same principles today so we know the provenance of every tea we buy, we acknowledge the craft that has gone into making these special artisan teas and we acknowledge this by paying a fair price that benefits the primary producers.


is your tea organic?

Most of our teas are either grown on organic principles or are beyond organic – but are not organically certified. There are several reasons for this.  For the small growers we work with who could apply for an organic certification, it would be costly and time consuming and would needlessly hike the price of their tea. They sell out of their tea every season as there is already a big demand from buyers like us, who appreciate the skill and care they put in to producing these teas in the traditional way (without resorting to chemical pesticides etc) so an organic certification is unnecessary.

There is a place for organic teas, of course, and often they are produced in vast quantities, but we are not in the market for bulk tea which can lack character and is bought by companies mostly trading on the organic label. Canton has always put quality, provenance and taste first. It's not the easiest path as it needs more explanation, but ultimately it means we can bring you better quality teas.

When we took the decision to no longer register as organic, it meant even though our herbal infusions are nearly all certified organic we can't put that on the pack.

We are transparent and open about where we buy and what we do. This means over the years we have built up trust with our trade partners and our customers to bring them the very best teas from authentic gardens.

It's also worth noting, for reassurance, that all our teas go through rigorous testing to ensure they comply with all EU food-safety standards are free from residues.

Find out more about this here.

is your tea fairtrade?

All our teas are fairly traded in that the primary producers receive the fair market price. However, we are not and have never been certified Fairtrade. The tea farmers and gardens we work with are mostly small, family-owned or tiny, local co-operatives and the Fairtrade certification programme would be prohibitively expensive and mostly irrelevant. The huge estates supplying industrial quantities of tea for the mass market is where Fairtrade may provide some benefits – but we leave that tea for the mega corps.


is your tea vegan?

Yes, all of our teas are suitable for vegans.


do any of your teas contain allergens?

None of our teas or herbal infusions contains any of the 14 main allergens. Some of our herbal blends contain liquorice. Ingredients are listed on all the labels.


is your tea gluten free?

All teas from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis are naturally gluten free. Our herbal blends do not contain gluten ingredients but all the ingredients are listed on the pack, so please read the labels.


how should I store my tea?

Once opened, you should always store your tea in an airtight container that protects it from moisture and UV light. Store it at room temperature. Canton has a tea caddy, a white tin cube with a hinged lid that is suitable for storing your tea in the kitchen.


how long will the tea last after it is opened?

Properly stored tea will last at least six months from opening. Some teas last better than others. Scented teas will lose some of their volatile oils, and therefore their scent/flavour, so should be consumed within six months. Black teas tend to last better. Teas don't 'go off' if they are stored correctly (away from light, heat, moisture) but they will lose some of their flavour over time. Old, badly stored tea can taste stale and won't have the lovely bright fresh appearance in the liquor.

There are exceptions to this. Some teas such as Puerh actually improve over time, with aging they become more complex and appreciate in value. But they need to be kept under very specific conditions – and that's another story.


how do I brew my tea?

We have very clear brewing guidelines specific to every tea on all our packs and under each tea in our journal section. For best results, always use fresh filtered water and to start with follow our advice on the ratio of tea to water, the water temperature and the steeping time. You can always adjust afterwards to your personal preference if you want it stronger or lighter.


can I buy any samples of the teas?

Samples are not currently available.


do you buy your teas fresh?

Yes, we buy our teas fresh every season.


are your teaware products dishwasher safe?

Please look at our website under each teaware product for specific information and consult the pack on each item for full care instructions.


about packaging

do your teabags contain plastic?

No. Canton pyramid teabags are free from plastic. They are made from a biodegradable plant-based material called Soilon, which is derived from cornstarch and will break down harmlessly.


are your teabags biodegradable?

Yes they are biodegradable. They will take a long time to break down in a domestic compost heap though, so the best way to dispose of them is in a council food waste bin where they will break down into water, carbon dioxide and a little biomass within 6-12 weeks.


is your packaging recyclable?

Our outer box packaging used to deliver your tea and teaware is 100% recyclable, including the packing tape. We use a recyclable filler to protect the items in transit.

Our tin tea caddies are reusable and recyclable. The cello bags holding the tea inside the tins can go on your domestic compost as they are a readily biodegradable cellulose, derived from wood pulp, sourced exclusively from responsibly managed plantations.

Our foil bags are not universally recyclable. However, this has always been a key priority for us. We are getting very close to a new, eco-sensitive solution, which will still have the barrier properties we need to protect our teas. We hope to introduce this as soon as possible.

about your account

do I need an account to place an order?

Yes, please set up an account to place an order.  


i have forgotten my password, how do I change it?

Just follow the forgotten password prompt on the login page, include your email address and a password reset link will be emailed to you.


about your order

a product I want to order is out of stock, what should I do?

If a product is out of stock, be sure to use the form on the product's page to sign up for a notification once it's back in stock. We'll email you to let you know.  


can I amend or cancel my order?

Yes. If you want to amend or cancel your order, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.


can I get a VAT receipt for my order?

Yes. Feel free to email us at hello@cantontea.com to organise one.


can I include a gift note or have my order gift wrapped?

Not at the moment. We'll be updating you with our Christmas offers soon. 


do you do gift vouchers?

Not at the moment, but we'll be updating you with voucher information soon.


about deliveries

what are your shipping methods and costs?      

You can find out about all our shipping methods and the costs associated here.


do you ship worldwide? Will I be charged customs fees?   

We do ship worldwide! You'll find all of the information about our international shipping and the costs associated with it here


where is my order? It hasn't turned up yet.  

Unfortunately, things are taking a little longer at the moment. If you are concerned that your order is taking too long, contact us to find out where it's got to. 


there is something wrong with my order. What should I do? 

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can work out what went wrong and fix it. 


my order has arrived damaged. What should I do?       

If an item arrives damaged, we may ask for a photo of the product so we can work out what went wrong. You can find out more about our returns policy here.


can I change the address on my order? 

Yes. If you want to change the address on your order, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. 


can I return an order?

If you receive an order and you're not completely satisfied, contact us so we can fix it. You'll be entitled to a full refund (excluding postage costs) if you return the item in original condition within 30 days of the receipt.


do you deliver to PO boxes?

No, unfortunately not.