How to brew the perfect cup of Canton Jasmine Pearls

How to brew the perfect cup of Canton Jasmine Pearls

The intricate flavour of Canton Jasmine Pearls responds to a precise brewing technique. If you learn how to treat the tea gently and “just kiss it with water” you’ll be able to re-steep the tea three times, but the key is to make the infusions quite quick. We recommend several short infusions, rather than making one strong tea. It can overstep and be too strong if you leave it too long. You’ll also find that a few pearls go a long way. Here’s how to unlock the magic of Jasmine Pearls. As always, steep with care.

Measure out your water and the blend. With loose leaf, the ideal ratio for Canton Jasmine Pearls is 4g per 250ml. Otherwise, one pyramid per cup is perfect.
Use fresh filtered water to fill your kettle. Avoid reboiling the water as it changes the composition of the minerals, which in turn will affect the flavour of the tea.
This next step is essential: use the right temperature water. For Jasmine Pearls, 75° is perfect. A temperature-controlled kettle is the best way to achieve this.
Allow the blend to infuse for 2-3 minutes. Time it, so you’re able to enjoy a second and third re-steep of the same pearls.

After each infusion, always pour off into a jug any liquor left in the pot so the pearls are ready for the next infusion. This will ensure the last cup tastes as good as the first.

If you like it stronger, add more tea, don’t brew it longer. Be sure to hold onto all the benefits and flavour of Canton Jasmine Pearls by storing it in an airtight container away from light.

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