Canton Lemongrass and Ginger: benefits and flavour

Canton Lemongrass and Ginger: benefits and flavour

Bursting with flavour, the hand-blended, aromatic ingredients are rich with natural properties that come together beautifully when you steep with care. It's naturally caffeine-free, so this infusion can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. Gorgeous brewed hot in winter with the extra boost of Vitamin C and beneficial antioxidants, superb in summer as a refreshing cooler.

the flavour

We sourced Chinese ginger for this blend instead of Indian ginger, as we were keen to add its aromatic flavour to the lemongrass we had sourced. Our lemongrass is powerful – it’s zesty and vibrant so, when combined with the ginger, the aroma is particularly intoxicating. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there was some type of citrus added, but no, we’ve just managed to find a lemongrass with a bold and moreish flavour. The wild Spanish liquorice root adds a lovely subtle sweetness to the blend, but not in a way that overpowers the ingredients. If you’re not a fan of aniseed, don’t be put off by the liquorice root – it’s a soft addition that balances the flavours and leaves a deliciously smooth, sweet aftertaste.

the benefits

While it only comprises three ingredients, this blend brings a lot of benefits to your cup. Ginger has been prized for thousands of years for its digestive properties and has long been recommended as an ingredient to help soothe the stomach. Both ginger and liquorice root are known adaptogens, which are linked to stress relief while also supporting your energy levels. Liquorice also offers a high level of antioxidants, as does lemongrass, which has also been turned to as a natural aid for inflammation.

To enjoy Canton Lemongrass and Ginger at home, buy it here.

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