How to brew the perfect cup of Canton Berry and Hibiscus

How to brew the perfect cup of Canton Berry and Hibiscus

This versatile infusion is delightful whether you like it hot or chilled. The ingredients of Canton Berry and Hibiscus are so rich in flavour, you need to be sure to get the most out of them with careful brewing.

Measure out your water and the blend. With loose leaf, the ideal ratio for Canton Berry and Hibiscus is 4g per 250ml. Otherwise, one pyramid per cup is perfect.
Use fresh filtered water to fill your kettle. Avoid reboiling the water as it changes the composition of the minerals, which in turn will affect the flavour of the infusion.
Use the right temperature water. For Berry and Hibiscus, 100°C is ideal to extract the maximum flavour from the ingredients.
Allow the blend to infuse for at least 4 minutes. If you like it stronger, you could increase the amount of herbal blend you add to hot water and brew it longer. 

There’s no need to decant the liquor, as the longer it stays in contact with the berries, the deeper and sweeter the flavour. You can just top it up with more water to dilute it to taste.

Berry and Hibiscus is a delicious iced infusion. Brew it hot, as above, then allow it to cool before chilling it in the fridge. Top it up with a splash of sparkling mineral water and add a sprig of mint and a slice of fruit for a decorative cooler on hot summer days.

Be sure to hold onto all the benefits and flavour of Canton Berry and Hibiscus by storing it in an airtight container away from light.

To enjoy Canton Berry and Hibiscus at home, buy it here.

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