Canton Matcha Affogato

Canton Matcha Affogato

A Japanese twist on the classic Italian dessert. Unctuous, umami matcha balanced with sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream. A great way to end a dinner party or the perfect indulgence on a night in.



1. Matcha whisk or teaspoon
2. Matcha bowl or small mixing bowl


1. 1 tsp (2g) Canton Matcha (sieved)
2. 4 tbsp (60ml|) warm, filtered water
3. 2 scoops vanilla or coconut ice cream


1. In your matcha mixing bowl pour the 4 tbsp water (heated to 70 degrees) over the matcha and whisk until fully combined
2. Add 2 scoops of ice cream into a bowl
3. Pour over the matcha and serve immediately

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