How to brew the perfect cup of Canton Green Boost

How to brew the perfect cup of Canton Green Boost

If you’ve decided to add Canton Green Boost to your daily ritual – whether it’s to kick-start your day or to give you an energy boost around your workout – it’s worth taking a moment to let the blend reach its full potential. Here’s how to brew the perfect cup so you can make the most of these vibrant ingredients. As always, steep with care.

Measure out your water and tea. With loose leaf, the ideal ratio for Canton Green Boost blend is 3g per 250ml. Otherwise, one pyramid per cup is perfect.
Use fresh filtered water to fill your kettle. Avoid reboiling the water as it changes the composition of the minerals, which in turn will affect the flavour of the tea.
Use the right temperature water. For Green Boost, 95° is perfect. You can catch the kettle just before it boils, or a temperature-controlled kettle is ideal.
Allow the tea to infuse for 3 minutes. Time it, so it doesn’t over infuse and become bitter.

Pour out the tea and if you have any liquor left in the pot, decant it out to a jug. Never leave it in the pot with the tea leaves, as it will over brew.

The remaining leaves from this brew can be steeped more than once, so don’t feel the need to dispose of them after one pot or cup of tea. If you like it stronger, add more tea, don’t brew it longer. Be sure to hold onto all the benefits and flavour of Canton Green Boost by storing it in an airtight container away from light.

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