Canton Green Boost: benefits, flavour and origin

Canton Green Boost: benefits, flavour and origin

If you’re looking for a morning hit of caffeine without the shake-inducing vibe of a double espresso, this blend is for you. One of Canton’s new wellness blends, this infusion draws together ingredients chosen for their delicious flavours and natural health benefits. Canton Green Boost is the new way to start the day.

the source

Located in the northernmost part of Laos, the Phongsaly province is home to the wild, ancient trees that are harvested for their rich green tea leaves. The leaves are hand-picked by the local farmers who once cultivated opium poppies. Harvesting tea instead provides a safer, more reliable and eco-sensitive livelihood for the producers, and it’s more profitable for them, too.

The ginger in this blend is sourced from a co-operative of small producers based in the lush region of Kerala in India. With the help of the fair-trade premium, training sessions on organic farming have been possible for the co-operative, ensuring that the ginger and all the spices that are grown and harvested here are of great quality.

A family farm in Portugal is the source of our peppermint. Located in the park of Serra de São Mamede, the farm produces a range of aromatic and medicinal plants. The small team of eight producers (only two are full-time) grow, process and export a wide range of plants including lemon balm and sunflowers. They are gently steering their methods towards biodynamics.  

The lemongrass, liquorice, ginseng and rosemary are sourced from the best producers in Egypt, Uzbekistan, China, and Morocco, each ingredient carrying the unique terroir of its homeland. Once all ingredients have arrived, they are blended by hand in Alsace, France. 

the flavour

As it brings together such powerful ingredients sourced from incredibly diverse locations, this blend has a complex and uniquely delicious flavour. The green tea we source from the mountainous region of Laos is renowned for its unique smooth, rich flavour, which is complemented by the subtle sweetness of liquorice and lifted with the fresh hit of peppermint. The Indian ginger was chosen specifically for its aromatic quality, and because it’s much less fiery than its Chinese counterpart. Ginseng and rosemary add another layer of flavour to this energising combination that is just delicious.

the benefits

This blend is perfect as soon as you wake up or before your work-out because it offers the energy boost of caffeine, but without the anxiety-inducing rush thanks to the L-theanine. This amino acid is a known relaxing agent, but without the drowsiness, which is why it’s ideal to put the spring in your step.

Ginger has been prized for thousands of years for its digestive properties and has long been recommended as something to soothe the stomach. Lemongrass is a source of antioxidants and has been turned to as a natural aid for inflammation. Ginseng, liquorice and rosemary are also sources of antioxidants and are known adaptogens, which are linked to stress relief while also supporting your energy levels.

As it’s all brought together with green tea, the leaf most prized for its health benefits including being a source of polyphenols, each cup of Canton Green Boost is brimming with benefits.

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