Oolong: loose leaf

High Mountain Oolong

Ali Shan, Taiwan

High Mountain Oolong is a standout oolong from Tea Project UK – a company that specialises in organic and low-input teas from around the world. Organically grown, handpicked and lightly roasted using traditional methods, High Mountain Oolong yields a honey liquor with intense notes that reflect the unique Ali Shan mountain terroir. Nutty, floral and delicious.

Highly Commended at The Leafies 2022 by the UK Tea Academy.

Limited edition of 20.

Ingredients: Oolong tea


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read the leaves

Tea picker in a field in Ali Shan   




  • 2-3g

  • 250ml

  • 4 mins



step 1:  leaves

For one cup, measure out 2-3 grams into your teapot or brew mug.


step 2: water

Heat 250ml of water to 95°C.


step 3: time

Pour your heated water over the leaves and steep for 4 minutes.


go fu style

We highly recommend brewing this tea using the Gong Fu style in a ceramic teapot.

Leaf/Water: Brew 4-6g of tea per 150ml at at 95°C

No Rinse

1st Round Brewing Time: 45 Seconds

2nd Round Brewing Time: 40 Seconds

3rd Round Brewing Time: 50 Seconds

+10 seconds per additional infusions

Each pot can be brewed 6-7 times.





Map of Taiwan with Ali Shan highlighted 


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