Oolong: loose leaf

canton honey orchid

Wudong Mountain, Guangdong Province, China

This is a small batch tea with an astonishing mix of sweet floral and mineral flavour notes. Growing only in Guangdong, south east China, these rare tea bushes cling to the rocky slopes of Phoenix Mountain and send down deep roots for nutrients and moisture. They grow so slowly that each leaf develops an intense flavour which is enhanced by a light charcoal roasting.

Ingredients: Oolong tea


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Taste & aroma

The specific tea trees in the specific region give this distinctive tea its characteristic floral aroma. The floweriness opens up in the cup to release orchid notes and a remarkable honeyed taste unlike any other tea.


Infusion guidelines

For the ideal cup of Canton Honey Orchid, steep 4g of loose leaf in 250ml of 90°C water for three minutes.


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