Black Tea: teabags

Canton English Breakfast

Expertly blended in the UK by Canton.

The region of each tea offers distinct notes: Kenyan leaves have a golden hue, Assam adds maltiness, Rwandan tea makes it rich and smooth and Yunnan Chinese tea gives a dark cocoa flavour. It delivers full-bodied tea with a bright, satisfying flavour to delight traditionalists and ensure that once enjoyed, you won’t go back to ordinary English Breakfast.

Ingredients: Black tea (Camellia sinensis)


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Taste & aroma

The assam adds a maltiness and the Rwandan tea makes the blend rich and smooth. Kenyan leaves have depth to them while yunnan Chinese black tea weaves in a really unique dark cocoa flavour and all these elements come together beautifully with hints of malt and fig too.


Infusion guidelines

For the ideal cup of Canton English Breakfast, steep one pyramid in 250ml of 95°C water for four minutes if you’re taking it with milk, and two minutes if you’re taking it black.


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