Black Tea: loose leaf

canton 1843

Yunnan Province, Anhui Province, Fujian Province. Expertly blended in the UK by Canton.

This is a tribute to the first tea called English Breakfast, created in New York by British tea merchant and marketing savant, Richard Davies, in 1843. His rich Chinese tea blend took off, as it was assumed to be already popular in England. And the kicker? Davies’ business was called Canton Tea Company.

Ingredients: Black tea (Yunnan Black and Keemun) Oolong tea (Da Hong Pao)


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Taste & aroma

This rich, dark Chinese infusion is a delicious tribute to the first tea named English Breakfast.


Infusion guidelines

For the ideal cup of Canton 1843, steep 4g of loose leaf in 250ml of 95°C water for five minutes if you’re taking it with milk, and three minutes if you’re taking it black.



The tea in the tube is sealed in a clear compostable and airtight 'natureflex' bag – which is designed to go in a food waste bin or will break down in your home compost. The tube itself is made from FSC certified cardboard and is plastic-free and fully recyclable. This tea is also available in larger trade-sized refill packs.


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