Green Tea: loose leaf

Canton Kabuse Sencha

Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan

One of the Obubu tea garden’s highest grade teas. The tea bushes for this exceptional Sencha are shaded two weeks before harvest to cut down the natural light reaching the leaves. That means the plant produces more chlorophyll which enriches the leaves with more umami, less bitterness and a dark emerald green colour. It’s verdant, vegetal and has a beautifully full-bodied mouthfeel.

Ingredients: green tea


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Worker in the tea fields of Japan.




  • 4g

  • 250ml

  • 3 mins



step 1: leaves

For one cup, measure out 4 grams into your teapot or brew mug.


step 2: water

Heat 250ml of water to 80°C.


step 3: time

Pour the hot water over the leaves and steep for 3 minutes. Strain and drink.




An intense, lingering umami flavour, with vegetal undertones and a hint of tender leaf spinach.

Shading, the practice of covering the tea bushes before they are harvested, prevents light reaching the plant and stops the growth of new leaves. This has a two-fold effect on the flavour. Reducing sunlight exposure increases the plants retention of L-theanine amino acid, the component responsible for green tea’s flavour and its natural calming effect. The plant simultaneously reduces its retention of catechins, a chemical which can cause an astringent flavour. So overall, shading leads to more umami and less bitterness.

After being picked, the Sencha leaves are immediately steamed for about 40-50 seconds to stop them from oxidising, which enhances the richness, aroma and full-bodied mouthfeel of the tea.




Map of Japan with the Wazuka Prefecture HighlightedThis stunning Sencha comes from the Obubu Tea Farms in Kyoto. Committed to producing some of the highest grade artisanal green teas in Japan, lead farmer Akihiro “Akky” Kita spent 17 years mastering the art of green tea production in Wazuka before finally setting up his own independent, ethical and environmentally-conscious tea garden. The tea farm donates to several local charities and is also involved in a number of projects to help develop local communities through artisanal, sustainable tea production.



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