Black Tea: teabags

Canton English Breakfast

Expertly blended in the UK by Canton.

The region of each tea offers distinct notes: Kenyan leaves have a golden hue, Assam adds maltiness, Rwandan tea makes it rich and smooth and Yunnan Chinese tea gives a dark cocoa flavour. It delivers full-bodied tea with a bright, satisfying flavour to delight traditionalists and ensure that once enjoyed, you won’t go back to ordinary English Breakfast.

Ingredients: Black tea (Camellia sinensis)


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  • x1

  • 250ml

  • 2-4 mins



step 1: leaves

For one cup, steep 1 teabag.


step 2: water

Heat 250ml of water to 95°C.


step 3: time

Pour your heated water over teabag and steep for 2 minutes if taking black, and 4 minutes if taking with milk. Drink.




The leaves from each region bring a unique characteristic to the blend. From Kenya, there’s a depth of flavour and beautiful golden colour to the liquor. The Rwandan tea adds a velvety smooth texture and distinct richness to the blend, while the Assam brings the deep maltiness that we all associate with a really good English Breakfast.

It’s lively and full-bodied, with complex notes of malt, fig and cocoa. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back.




Created by Phil Mumby (aka The Rare Tea Hunter), Canton English Breakfast expertly combines high grade leaves from gardens that we know and trust – unlike most other English Breakfast teas on the market today.

The blend contains three types of Kenyan tea, two from some of the few gardens producing the large, twisted, flavoursome leaves we wanted (Kapchorua and Emrok Gardens), and the other coming from a group of smallholder farmers called Makomboki near Mount Kenya, who intercrop tea among other food crops.

We then turned to Rubaya Gardens in Rwanda, where the growing conditions are impeccable – high altitudes, hot temperatures and volcanic soil. And finally, our Assam is from Behora Garden, and is a high-quality, small-leaf tea harvested earlier in the season for sweetness and flavour.

We’ll sometimes swap in different gardens depending on quality and availability – but our commitment to ethical and transparent tea growing (and of course flavour) remains the same.



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