Benedict Cumberbatch examines Canton Yixing teapots in season 1 episode 2 "The Blind Banker" of BBC's Sherlock

Starring role for Canton’s Yixing teapots in BBC Sherlock

As seen on TV

Just before producing their last series, the production team for Sherlock (the new BBC series) approached us for some authentic Chinese teaware including yixing teapots that would comfortably pass for priceless museum artefacts. The star of the piece was our Shi Piao yixing teapot, ably supported by our bamboo tea accessories all used so tenderly by the beautiful but tragic Chinese heroine in her role as a TeaMaster.

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A boat on a lake in Chunan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

A virtuous indulgence

black&white #33: Our guide to oolong tea

black&white #33: Our guide to oolong tea

1746 map showing Exchange Alley, where tea was first sold in England

Teas of the eighteenth century: English tea trade