black&white #20: Merry Christmas from Canton

black&white #20: Merry Christmas from Canton

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For our last newsletter of the year, we want to send a big thanks to both our web customers and our trade partners for choosing to support our independent tea business  - and countless small-scale tea gardens and cooperatives around the world.

With the turmoil we’ve all experienced, we reopened our website to the public after five years of selling only to trade. We had to find new customers and go back, slightly sheepishly, to our beloved old ones. We looked on as our valued trade partners were forced to close, reopen under difficult circumstances and adapt, again, and again. And we marvelled at their resilience and determination to keep their business afloat and their staff and customers safe. 

So here’s to a calmer 2022. The only guarantee we can make is that we can keep you stocked up on great tea to get you through the next phase.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of Christmas with some tempting cut price teaware in the sale starting on Boxing Day.

We wish you a very happy Christmas.


Some highlights of the year…

Helping to bring Nine Ladies Dancing, 100% Scottish-grown tea, to a wider audience.

Nine Ladies Dancing


Fighting the case for tea at the London Coffee Festival!

London Coffee Festival
Visiting some of our fantastic partners in Scotland, like Marine North Berwick…
Marine North Berwick

 Rusacks St Andrews...

Rusacks Hotel

 and The Randolph Hotel, Oxford.

Market Street Hotel

 Finding our fabulous new special edition teas after months of tasting.

Special Edition Teas

Collaborating with other brilliant, like-minded brands such as Wiper and True brewery…

Wiper and True

 and The Aperitivo Co.

Welcoming new trade partners like The Ritz…
The Ritz Afternoon Tea
Gordon Ramsay restaurants…
Savoy Restaurant
the incredible Waddesdon Manor…
Waddesdon Manor
and superb, smaller outfits like LAND restaurant in Birmingham and ROOT restaurant in Bristol.
Two Restaurants

And because we’re British and we famously love our dogs more than our children, here’s a sign off from the extended Canton family. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Canton Dogs

Names from top to bottom: Goose, Max, Pedro, Ruby, Poppy, Parker and Jasmine.

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