Yunnan Gold Pearls

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Easy-brewing black tea pearls with hints of plum and caramel.

Tea details


These attractively gold-flecked, marble-sized black tea pearls have been hand-rolled from high-grade Yunnan Gold leaf tea into perfectly compressed spheres. They make a deliciously smooth, medium-bodied brew. Each pearl weighs around one gram, so use just two or three in a small teapot. Made in Fen Qing, in Yunnan, they are ideal at work or on holiday.

Origin: China

Region: Lincang, China

Producer: Feng Qing Mountains

Leaf: Black and gold leaves rolled into marble-sized pearls
Harvest: Spring 2014 Altitude: 1500m
Aroma: Rich, sweet and slightly malty
Liquor: Deep golden orange
Taste: Robust with hints of plum and caramel and a sweet finish

For perfect tea




3 min


Black tea

Other names

Red Pearl, Black Pearls, Dragon Pearls.