Limited Edition No. 2: Sticky Rice White

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A unique white tea from the volcanic soils of Southern Laos. Ms Phone toasts the white tea buds on a wood-fired hot plate and blends with a local aromatic herb called Nuo Mi Xian.

Tea details


A Laotian white tea, crafted from unique hybrid tea bushes growing in the rich fertile soil on the plateau of an extinct volcano. Tea and coffee has been grown in this region since the French cultivated plantations here in the early 1900s. The garden is lush and rich in biodiversity with a huge variety of flowers, animals and insects. Two nearby waterfalls provide a precious mist that ensures great humidity all year round. Because the tea bushes are strong and healthy with deep roots they are require no irrigation, fertiliser or pesticide. Ms Phone is the tea maker who has perfected her craft. The silvery buds are picked, gently withered in the sun and then carefully dried on a hot iron plate. After many years of experimenting with different methods, this lightly toasted technique has proved the best way to get the sweetest notes. The Sticky Rice White tea is a result of the young dried tea leaves being tossed with the aromatic herb native to this region called Nuo Mi Xian or Sticky Rice herb (scientific name Strobilanthes Tonkinensis). The name reflects the appetising aroma of sticky rice it releases when heated.

Origin: Laos

Region: Paksong, Champasak Province

Producer: Ms Phone

Altitude: 900m
Total annual production: <50kg Garden size: 2 hectares (mostly forested)
Harvest: July 2018
Taste: Coconut, freshly baked bread, ginger
Aroma: Just like sticky rice

For perfect tea




3 min


Camellia Sinensis from wild trees, Strobilanthes Tonkinensis

Other names

silver needle, sticky rice tea, laotian tea