Canton collection

Canton collecton | Black teas

Canton English Breakfast

Big. Beautiful. Exuberant.
Congratulations. You have discovered the ultimate English Breakfast blend.
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Canton Lapsang Souchong

Smoky. Dark. Opulent.
Genuinely rare and like no other, we buy it from the tiny mountain village where it was invented 400 years ago.
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Canton Earl Grey

Bergamot. Velvety, Harmonious.
Classic English elegance, exalted by heady botanical citrus notes.
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Canton Darjeeling

Muscatel. Bright. Ethereal.
Chinese tea bushes thrive in the Himalayas and yield this sparkling ‘Champagne of teas’.
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Canton Assam

Malty. Rousing. Familiar.
A deep, dark and assertive wake-up call of a tea.

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Canton Mango Noir

Fruity. Warm. Exotic.
Smooth black tea cushioning ripe, succulent mango sends you dizzy with delight.
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Canton Cocoa Noir

Cocoa-rich. Moreish. Luxurious.
A velvety smooth tea with decadent,

dark chocolate notes to satisfy just about every craving.
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Canton Wild Chai

Spiced. Aromatic. Seductive.
A thrilling romp with exuberent spices that capture the essence of India.
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Canton Lychee and Rose Noir

Perfumed. Deep. Decadent
Rain drops on roses and sweet fruity lychee, it’s a sensational harmony.
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Canton English Breakfast Decaf

Caramel. Comforting. Robust
The warm embrace of glorious English Breakfast, without the caffeine kick.

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Canton collecton | Green, white, oolong and puerh teas

Canton Jade Green Tips

Cut Grass. Succulent. Verdant.
Fresh spring greens meet asparagus and make hay while the sun shines.

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Canton Dragon Well

Chestnut. Pure. Immersive.
Tender leaves from wild grown trees deliver nutty, green bean, green tea ecstasy.

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Canton Jasmine Pearls

Honeysuckle. Fragrant. Intoxicating.
Get carried away by exotic florals hovering over the sweetest green tea.

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Canton Genmaicha

Nut-sweet. Sea breeze. Satisfying.
Toasty, roasty notes of nutty brown rice cooked over a seaweed fire on a beach at sunset.

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Canton Matcha

Intense. Green. Umami.
A vivid, vibrant green cup, brimming with health and happiness.

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Canton Moroccan Mint

Luscious. Cool. Quenching.
The most desirable mint mix with a soft green heart and a sweet kick.

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Canton Pouchong

Peachy. Luscious. Awesome.
'A tea so perfect that when I tasted it I quit my job and started a tea company’.

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Canton Silver Needle

Honeydew. Delicate. Bliss.
Plump, soft and sweet enough to make the heavenly angels weep with joy.

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Canton Jade Oolong

Orchid. Lucent. Captivating.
This lover of sunshine basks in the tropical heat and releases sweet floral notes when treated right.

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Canton Iron Buddha

Soft Fruit. Saporous. Arcadian.
Think sweet peas growing through the vegetable patch planted in a fruit orchard.

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Canton Honey Orchid

Nectar-sweet. Floral. Mesmerising.
A celestial mix of fruit, floral and mineral notes to dance on the tongue and make your heart sing.
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Canton Big Red Robe

Brazil Nut. Petrichor. Ambrosial.
Taste the mineral rich earth of the Wuyi Mountains, an aweinspiring oolong with reverential status.

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Canton Raw Puerh

Sapling. Mineral. Energetic
All things of the stable: straw, hay, wood, tack and saddle - even the sweet scent of horse.

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Canton Cooked Puerh

Soft moss. Mellow. Primal.
Ripe forest fruit, dropped on the soft leafy earth and warmed by shafts of morning sun.

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Canton collecton | Herbal infusions

Canton Lemongrass and Ginger

Citrus-sweet. Radiant. Vivifying.
Hot and spicy in winter, ice cool in summer this herbal beauty delivers all things to everyone.

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Naturally caffeine-free.


Canton Lemon Verbena

Sherbert. Soft. Spirited.
Elegant, pale green leaves burst with

playful notes of Lemon Sherbert.
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Naturally caffeine-free.


Canton Berry and Hibiscus

Blackcurrant. Juicy. Nostalgic.
A scarlet explosion of intese ripe forest
fruits. Deliciously three dimensional.
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Naturally caffeine-free.


Canton Wild Rooibos

Honeyed. Tribal. Rich.
Warm notes of vanilla and sandalwood,

harvested from the sunbaked African earth.
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Naturally caffeine-free.


Canton Chamomile

Apple-sweet. Silky. Slumberous.
Relax. Take a sip and a snooze in a sun-kissed summer meadow.

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Naturally caffeine-free.


Canton Karma

Spicy. Colourful. Restorative.
The mother of all herbals with super spices kicking off, looking good and feeling fine.

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Naturally caffeine-free.


Canton Triple Mint

Herbacious. Icy. Invigorating.
The essence of three freshly- crushed mints hits you with a cool, tingling sensation.

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Naturally caffeine-free.


Canton Rosebuds

Heady. Sumptuous. Romantic.
Just one sip and you're there, dozing among the Damask roses of the sun-kissed Lalezhar Valley.

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Naturally caffeine-free.


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