Canton limited edition

Just twice a year we release the Canton limited edition: extremely rare, wild, seasonal teas bought in very small batches.

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Yunnan Pure Gold

Limited Edition No 1
A small batch, handcrafted black
tea from the subtropical mountains
of Yunnan.


Sticky Rice White

Limited Edition No 2
A rare find from the mountains of Laos, this tiny batch tea is picked from old trees growing on the rich soil of an extinct volcano. 

Ali Shan

Limited Edition No 3
This is slow tea at its best; the bushes grow high up
in the humid, tropical mountains of Taiwan.


Obubu Shaded Sencha

Limited Edition No 4
Kyoto’s Obubu Tea Farm is the source of this outstanding Japanese green tea. 


Four Seasons Yellow Tea

Limited Edition No 5
This rare tea is the first yellow tea to be
made in Taiwan, making it highly desirable




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