Green Tea: loose leaf

canton green boost gift box

Egypt, India, Uzbekistan, China, Laos, Morocco, Portugal. An exclusive Canton recipe, blended in Alsace, France.

Get a natural burst of energy with our revitalising blend of wild green tea and other sensational aromatics. The unique property of tea is the amino acid, L-theanine which has a calming effect to temper the lift of the caffeine. Gently stimulating and delicious.

The tea in the gift box is sealed in a clear compostable 'natureflex' bag, then packed in Canton's hinged-lid, airtight, white tin caddy and slipped inside a smart, black card gift box. The caddy is designed to keep. Use it to store high grade tea leaves bought in larger refill packs.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, peppermint, green tea, ginger, liquorice, ginseng, rosemary


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Taste & aroma

The citrus zing of lemongrass is softened with green tea, while mint, ginger, ginseng and rosemary offer their own complex flavours that are rounded nicely with the natural sweetness of liquorice root.


Infusion guidelines

For the ideal cup of Canton Green Boost, steep 3g of loose leaf in 250ml of 95°C water for three minutes.


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