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We will teach your staff to brew accurately, serve beautifully and talk about your tea menu with confidence during our monthly open training sessions.

"[The front of house team at The Wolseley] came out of their training enthused about the offer and excited about their new knowledge and the teas and infusions they had tasted – even those most resistant to change were fully on board with the product and how this is raising both the quality of our offer and the way we serve individual teas or infusions at the most appropriate temperatures. The Canton team were  passionate about transferring their knowledge; the result was a seamless transition to our new tea selection going on sale – mainly due to their fantastic input! Thank you all so much."

Adam Kirkaldy Learning & Development Manager Corbin and King.


Canton's Teach programme delivers lively, informative training to engage and educate your team. During our monthly training sessions held at our central London tea studio we will teach your staff to brew accurately, serve beautifully and talk about your tea menu with confidence over the course of an afternoon. Training is free to all Canton partners and usually ends with a glass of Canton gin and tonic!

2019 Teach dates 


Thursday Feb 7th- FULL
Thursday March 7th
Thursday April  4th
Thursday May 2nd
Thursday June 6th
Thursday July 4th


Further dates TBC

Sessions run from 3:00-5:30 pm

To reserve spaces please email teach@cantontea.com.





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