Three tips for storing tea

by Alice Evans,

Ali Evans, Canton's Head of Tea, shares her tips on how to store tea in the food service environment.

A guide to Chinese black tea

by Scarlett Swallow,

Chinese Black Tea, known locally as Red Tea (Hong Cha), is fully-oxidised whole leaf tea. The best whole leaf Black Teas are made by hand, in contrast to the commercial CTC (crush, tear and curl) machine-made Black Teas of India, Sri Lanka and Africa that make up 95% of the world tea market.

Tea and caffeine - myth and truth

by Kate Popham,

We receive many queries about tea and its caffeine content. Unfortunately for the curious tea-drinker, there are innumerable myths circulating regarding tea and caffeine, usually propagated in internet forums. Nigel Melican, one of the world’s foremost tea experts, has written the definitive article on tea and caffeine, and we have summarised the main points below.

How to make the perfect cup of English Breakfast

by Scarlett Swallow,

Traditional English Breakfast is the UK’s favourite tea. It's a blend of black teas brought together to complement and balance.  Despite its name, it’s a tea that can be drunk at all times of day as a refreshing pick-me-up. It should be refreshing, smooth but invigorating, with a clean flavour and satisfying aftertaste.

Macha Peachu cocktail recipe

by Scarlett Swallow,

We revisit one of our favourite ways to enjoy Matcha; the Macha Peachu cocktail, as shared by leading bartender Monica Berg.