Canton signature tea cocktail

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Lily the Peach: Canton tea cocktail recipe by Danny Walker

Canton Distilled Craft Gin

We love to push the boundaries of what tea can be. No longer is it just a teabag in a cup. That’s why we love collaborating with other boundary pushing producers, the result...  ‘Canton’ Craft Distilled Gin by Psychopomp Microdistillery using Canton Silver Needle white tea and Canton Honey Orchid oolong tea as botanicals alongside classic juniper and coriander seed.

Lily the Peach:

Danny Walker, founder of Psychopomp Microdistillery and International Master Bartender of the year 2008 created a signature cocktail recipe for us using the Canton Gin. 

When tasting a selection of teas with Danny he was really taken by the prominent lily-esque floral notes and background peach notes of the Pouchong- he really wanted to play with these and highlight them. Lily the Peach is a complex yet supremely refreshing tall drink that works perfectly with the Canton Gin. 


30ml Canton Gin

20ml Lillet Blanc

15ml Peach Syrup from tinned peaches

2ml 2:1 Lactic acid solution

80ml cold Pouchong tea (1.5g Pouchong brewed in 80ml water, 80 degrees, 3 mins- refrigerate until cool)

Shake over ice

Serve over good fresh ice in a slim highball, garnish with a slice of fresh peach


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