The best gluten free bakery in London?

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Since 2015, Beyond Bread has been leading the way as a bakery in the heart of London where their goodies are fresh, satisfying and entirely gluten free.

While gluten free foods sometimes lack the excitement or variety of their traditional counterparts, what you get from Beyond Bread is something quite different. We spoke with Lana, a member of their dedicated team to learn what Beyond Bread are all about and why they love Canton, before dropping by their new site in Islington for some tea training and to sample a sandwich or two!

Canton Tea: Tell us a little about Beyond Bread.

Lana: We are a 100% gluten-free bakery with two branches in London – Fitzrovia and Islington. Our bread and butter (pun intended) is our selection of great gluten-free bread. We’ve perfected familiar options such as the baguette as well as recently adding a yeast, dairy and gluten-free round sourdough. Alongside these, we offer amazing pastries, sandwiches, quiches and cakes. Our brunch menu has grown hugely too and is proving very popular, with options such as gluten-free waffles to more hearty halloumi, harissa-hummus and poached eggs on toast.

We’ve got an awesome team of bakers and chefs who are constantly trying to perfect the food we serve – everything we sell is tested and retested to ensure it’s the best it can be. Most of the condiments we use are made by us – we marinate our own artichokes, roast the plum tomatoes, make the nut-and- dairy-free pesto, and even our own cashew butter. For a few other things like jam and charcuterie, we ensure we work with great suppliers. Our aim is to serve gluten-free food that is loved by everyone, Coeliac, gluten-intolerant or not.

Canton: What is the ethos behind what you serve?

Lana: We believe there is more to baking than gluten, so we’re constantly striving to find ways of using forgotten grains to create delicious foods that taste just as good, if not better, than their gluten counterparts.

Canton: When did you first start serving Canton Tea?

Lana: We swapped from our old tea supplier to Canton Tea in 2016 at our Fitzrovia branch, and as soon as our new Islington branch opened we served a wide range of Canton Teas which are all proving popular.

Canton: What’s your personal favourite Canton Tea you serve? What dish do you like to pair it with from your menu?

Lana: The Jasmine Pearls wins the staff vote but we’ve noticed people like to pair our waffle brunch with the Red berry & Hibiscus.

Canton: What can we expect to see next from Beyond Bread?

Lana: We’re hoping to get more Beyond Bread branches open, and maybe even diversify into food areas beyond baked goods. We’re constantly experimenting with all sorts of grains, for example, we tested a quinoa burger the other week at our Islington branch and it got the thumbs up. There are many more gluten-free paths to go down and explore, and we’re more than happy to give them all a go!

Jen meets some of the team at Beyond Bread Islington for a spot of tea training
You can enjoy a cup of Canton Tea, a delicious sandwich on gluten free bread, or one of many tempting cakes or deserts at:
Beyond Bread Fitzrovia, 2 Charlotte Place W1T 1SB
Beyond Bread Islington, 267 Upper Street N1 2UQ

Beyond Bread