Canton's Plastic-Free Pyramid Teabags

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Canton's pyramid teabags have always been and will always be plastic-free!
If your customers query what material Canton pyramid teabags are made from, this is your response:
Canton tea bags are completely plastic-free and made from a biodegradable polymer derived from plant materials.
Further info
According to the BBC reports of recent research in Canada, 'Some premium tea bags might be leaving billions of microscopic plastic particles in your cup'. There are two types of 'premium teabags' the first and cheaper kind are made of Nylon, this was the type used in the study and the second which is made of SOILON a biodegradable material made of cornstarch- this is the type we use. When disposed of in council food waste bins Canton tea bags are broken down into water, carbon dioxide CO2 and a little biomass within 6-12 weeks. 
We hope this answers any queries you have and you can continue to enjoy great tea in these cornstarch-derived (not plastic!) teabags.
biodegradable plastic-free teabags

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