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Introducing some of the finest, rarest teas in the world.
The collection has arrived and I'm seriously excited about sharing it with you. We started this Limited Edition small with just five teas and that alone was a challenge. All year we taste hundreds of teas from numerous growers and most of them are pretty sensational. But to qualify as a Limited Edition tea they had to be stand-out stunning and hit all our criteria. That means with the first sip you involuntarily close your eyes and hmmm with pleasure. The beautiful handcrafted leaves must release a shimmering liquor and each one has to have a unique, previously untold provenance story.
Price was not part of the brief.  We chose our fabulous five on their merits and on this rare occasion we allowed ourselves to get carried away by the unadulterated joy of bringing in glorious teas that don't have to hit a particular price point.  We don't seek expensive - but like wine, with tea you generally get what you pay for. Having said that, I think some of are Limited Edition are astonishingly good value.
Just one of these teas would lift your tea menu to a different dimension. A supplement of £15 for an exceptional tea is not unusual on premium Afternoon Tea lists. Even if guests don't really get it and wonder how tea can be so expensive, that's great, it kickstarts the conversation between customer and server about tea - hurrah, job done!

Each tea is packed in our rather lovely Canton Cube (pictured) with its own tea card telling it's own story.  That means all who serve this tea will know why it is so special - and can confidently answer the 'Why is it so expensive?' question.

Being packed in a tin caddy/cube also makes it a very desirable gift. If you serve it, be prepared to sell it too - it's very, very moreish.   

Jennifer Wood 

Our Head of Tea Ali takes you through the collection.

Limited Edition No. 1 | Yunnan Pure Gold                 

Black tea handcrafted by the Liu Family.

Before we even started tasting teas this year, I had my heart set on finding some incredible Yunnan Black tea that was captured in my memory . Yunnan province produces some of my favourite teas in the world, and holds a special place in my heart after being lucky enough to spend 3 weeks there visiting producers with Jennifer when I was just starting out in tea back in 2013. The aroma of this tea takes me right back to those incredible memories. The delicate golden ringlet-like buds and the soft malty, muscovado-like liquor will challenge your preconceptions of a black tea. It's black tea elevated to a higher, brighter, golden plane.

Yunnan Pure Gold Loose Leaf Black Tea


Limited Edition No. 2 | Sticky Rice White             

White tea handcrafted by Ms. Phone

This tea took me completely by surprise when I first tasted it last year- a flavour unlike anything I had tasted before, in a tea that is. Ms. Phone (pronounced Ms. Fo-nee btw. ) has a small, semi-wild tea garden of around 2 hectares on the volcanic Bolaven Plateau in Laos. She makes less than 50 kg of handmade tea per year, which supplements her income and allows her to support her family. Ms Phone toasts the white tea buds on a wood-fired, hot metal plate and blends them with a local herb called Nuo Mi Xian, which has the distinctive aroma of sticky rice. I'm proud to support female growers who are experimenting with new methods of production and creating these unique and very exciting teas. 


Sticky Rice White Loose Leaf White Tea

Limited Edition No. 3 | Ali Shan                                 

Oolong tea handcrafted by the Chiu Family

This is a tea we come back to year after year. I think Ali Shan is the pinnacle of Taiwanese high mountain oolongs and this is an exceptional example. We met the Chiu family back in 2016 during a sourcing trip there. The Epin Tea Garden clings to the edge of the steep slopes of the mountain, the fields are dotted with palm trees and edged with forests of pine, tree ferns and exotic flowers. An extended process of withering and rolling produces an incredibly clean, floral flavour and an unctuous buttery texture.

Ali Shan Loose Leaf Oolong Tea


Limited Edition No. 4 | Obubu Shaded Sencha        

Green tea handcrafted by Akky San

One of the things that I love about this tea is seeing peoples' reactions when they taste it for the first time. The thick, brothy texture and bold yet balanced umami flavour always takes people by surprise. Akky San and his team shade the tea bushes two weeks before harvest, which produces a tea with much higher amino acid content than normal. This gives it the amazing savoury notes which makes it such an interesting option for pairing with savoury foods. It's brilliant with Eggs Benedict, Caesar salad , classic grilled asparagus or pan fried sea bass. 

Obubu Shaded Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea

Limited Edition No. 5 | Four Seasons Yellow            

Yellow tea handcrafted by Mr Chen

Every now and then when tasting teas, I come across something so special its like a treasure. This tea had me skipping around the office when I first tasted it- literally. When I heard about a producer experimenting with Yellow tea in Taiwan, I wanted to taste it immediately. Yellow teas are a rare category usually only found in China, they are only made in a few places, are often very expensive and frankly the quality and flavour rarely lives up to the price. As far as we know this is the only place where yellow tea has ever been made in Taiwan and Mr Chen has invented an entirely new technique.  He has drawn from the production methods of both Chinese yellow and Taiwanese oolong to create this Four Seasons Yellow . This is seriously rare tea - and we're the first company to take it beyond Taiwan.

 Four Seasons Yellow Loose Leaf Yellow Tea

For wholesale tea enquiries contact your account manager or visit our contact page 



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