Psychopomp x Canton

by Alice Evans,

We are so excited to introduce Canton Gin, our new collaboration with our friends Psychopomp Microdistillery. A craft gin distilled with Canton tea!

Where to buy Canton tea to enjoy at home

by Scarlett Swallow,

If you know us and love our tea, don’t worry. You can still buy all your Canton favourites online from Amazon. You'll find exactly the same, high grade teas in striking packaging, decent sizes and at very reasonable prices.

Obubu Tea

by Alice Evans,

The story of Obubu starts with its founder and lead farmer, Akihiro Kita, or “Akky”. Akky is the dancing wonder of Obubu. A tiny Japanese man who looks so unassuming but can lift 100kg of tea over his shoulder, and who dances round the tea fields.

Beyond fairtrade in Taiwan

by Alice Evans,

This month, I travelled with Edgar to Taiwan to seek out the very best tea for you to enjoy next season. In the first of a special series on Taiwanese tea, I've found out a typical day in the life of a tea picker and how a skill shortage is driving up their wages. 

The tea that began it all: Pouchong

by Jennifer Wood,

Just why did we start a specialist tea company 10 years ago? In the teeth of competition from giant corporations, when the profound disinterest of the food service sector meant loose leaf, green tea stood for hassle and health nuts. So why did we do it?

From poppies to roses

by Alice Evans,

Until the late 1970s the Lalehzar Valley in Iran was a difficult place to make a living. Farmers grew subsistence crops and supplemented their income by growing opium poppies illegally for heroin production – the arid climate is suitable for little else.

Open Weave Tea House

by Alice Evans,

Earlier this Summer, we were invited by The Japan Society and Japan House, to give a Genmaicha tasting at the Tanabata Festival. It was here we discovered the beautiful installation of an open weave tea room designed by a renowned Japanese architect.

Ethical and responsible sourcing of tea

by Alice Evans,

Last year 40 million kilograms of “Darjeeling tea” was sold worldwide. But here is a fact: Darjeeling’s yearly production is 8 to 9 million kilograms of tea. Something is definitely afoot here. We headed to Darjeeling to investigate.